Frond Street + Wear

Frond Design Studios is proud to release a series of locally designed and locally made garments. Every Artisan Tunic, dress, apron, jacket and scarf moves through the hands of the artists at Frond.


Our scarves are so special because they are part of our collaboration with Dr Tererai Trent to do good™.

We are honored to partner with Dr. Tererai Trent's Sahwira Artisans International to uplift our world. 

Sahwira means Sacred Sisterhood. Half of all the proceeds from our Sahwira products will go to build an Artisan Center in Zimbabwe. 

Dr Tererai Trent and Oprah Winfrey built schools in Zimbabwe to educate the women and children there. We are helping to offer sustainable careers to further that education and enable the rural children afford to attend the schools. 

Frond Design Studios is the first company to partner with Dr Trent in this way.

We are creating products that make a difference. 

Create an environment for educated women in Zimbabwe to utilize their skills after they graduate

Create beautiful products for the world

Create sustainability in a community to build on the education system 

Join Frond Design Studios as a Sahwira to DO GOOD!! Watch as our mission grows!

We are the makers. We are the sacred sisters. We invite you to join us by purchasing a finished product or the kits for you or your stores.

We are all connected to do good. Thank you for being a part of it.