Kelp - 3 Yard Hand Dyed Bundle

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Kelp - 3 Yard Hand Dyed Bundle

We worked with Cherrywood, a well known woman owned company based out of Minnesota. They are popular for their skill of creating gorgeous hand dyed fabrics.

With our commitment to keeping hand generated art in fabric, and their dedication to the quality of their hand dyes, we knew immediately that we had to find some way to collaborate with them.

We decided to have them over dye our Sumie fabric collection. This collection was a perfect match because of its rich smoke like appearance. The dye is pure in the light spots of the fabric and blends subtly with the gradients of black and gray throughout. 

Only 3 yards were hand dyed at a time, so when you purchase this bundle you can be sure that it is the only one of its kind. Nobody else will have this same color ever again, and you can use it to create something truly unique!