The Flower Tour Kit

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The Flower Tour Kit

This is one of our Frond Threadpunk designs by Melissa Marie Collins. It features our Love Blossoms garden panel chopped up and placed atop a hand painted canvas background. We design all of these canvas backgrounds by hand in our studio which results in a unique material every time. The size of the 'splatters', color of paint and overall tone will differ depending on which artist created it and what looked good to them at that time.

A few things that will not vary from kit to kit are the flowers that are included in the panel, the finished size of 24"x24", and that the backing and binding are included.

This kit includes the base materials and the instructions to create your own Threadpunk design. It's highly recommended that you begin this project with an open mind. Your arrangement of the flowers and your choice of embellishments will add a distinction to your finished piece that you can be proud of.