Our Story

FROND: Creates hand generated designs for fabric and original home decor.


Frond Design Studios is a unique company that consists of true artists who take inspiration to fabric. The ideas become art and the art becomes fabric. This fabric is sold in shops around the world and in its showroom, DelveMIY ‘Make It Yourself’. This is where we create-- every day! 



Current story... and more!!

When we started this company we knew it was a risk. We weren’t alone. The honesty and raw emotion behind our process attracted many artists and creatives who also took a risk and worked for a company that is unconventional not only in the way it designs, but also in the way it operates. Quilters, painters, and dreamers united, working in new roles they never expected. 

"If you had told me 5 years ago where we would be today, I wouldn't have believed you," Stephanie adds. Frond won The Gazette 2016 business innovation award in part by Frond's unique hiring approach to building the business. Pat Banks worked at NASA as an engineer and joined the team in November, 2015 as Operations Manager to help streamline business systems. Michelle Owens came from $5B local engineering corporation, Rockwell Collins, joining as CEO in January, 2016 with a strategic focus on business development and building a future framework for Frond.

Now, we are Bringing ART to LIFE and we couldn't be more excited to be on this journey with you.

This raw authenticity has led some to wonder, to be skeptical. There has never been a company like Frond and some don’t know how to understand it. It takes time. 

Frond is like having 64 crayons when you’ve only had an 8 pack before. It is strange at first, but you start doodling and realize you are still doodling with a crayon. A good, quality crayon with A LOT more colors to choose from!!

To help people wade into the world of Frond we have opened a showroom called DelveMIY. This is a working studio that showcases Frond artists and the way we want to be represented. For stores. 

 For communities. To empower and create-- together. 


Frond Artists 

Three fabulous designers exclusive to Frond! All are lifelong artists that inspire the world in many different mediums and fabric creations. 

Stephanie Brandenburg, Owner and creator of Frond, is the Frond master artisan who applies her art to fabric, upcycled materials and even architecture. What makes Stephanie so unique is her vision that has brought beauty to the world in so many distinctive techniques.

Rose Craig (Rosewood Organic) specializes in watercolors with a special interest in nature. Her subject matter interest has always been the simplicity and conversely, the complexity of all things earth.

Melissa (Melissa Marie Collins Design Studio) offers art on a mission. She shares an ART world with random bits of life and fashion in oil and acrylic paintings, drawings, fiber art, and other random delights.


Our vision is to create an environment that inspires and empowers creators of tomorrow. 

We explore new boundaries in design. We load trucks. We unload trucks. We ship our bolts to stores across the country and world. We work up beautiful photo shoots, graphics and ads to convey what we do everyday. Frond is authentic, it is real. We are a team, but more importantly, we are on your team and a part of a bigger community. 

Imagination Iowa. In the heart of NewBo in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we are are Bringing ART to LIFE through education. There is nothing more perfect (and lively) than bringing in summer camps and children to DelveMIY.

We are excited to be taking kids through the process of developing new ideas, sharing hands on learning techniques and teaching empowerment through creativity. What a great way to spend our summer!

GLOBAL- Sahwira Artisans International is a collaboration between Frond Design Studios and Dr Tererai Trent. As a woman owned company and advocate for educating and empowering women, we are holding our hands together to make a difference in the world. We have an artisan center. We can help Tererai in her mission to build an artisan center in Zimbabwe and create sustainable communities through education. Women can and do make a difference. We couldn't agree more. 

50% of profits will go to building an artisan center. Sahwira (pronounced 'Sa Wee da') projects are now being created and excitement is in the air!!

Customer testimonials

The Frond mission is to constantly strive to push the boundaries of creativity, to create beautiful fabric and treat people in a beautiful way! We encourage feedback and ideas to continually provide real value for real people, every day. Please send your ideas to: ideas@fronddesignstudios.com 

This isn't just my new favorite fabric store, its my new favorite place in Cedar Rapids...