Our Story

Hand generated art in fabric, quilts, garments and original decor.

 Frond Design Studios is a unique company featuring fine art. Taking the art to fabric.

Those ideas become art and the art becomes fabric. The fabric is sold in shops around the world, in our showroom and with our fabric partners.

You take that fabric and make your own art.

This is how we create - every day! 


Our story... so far

Stephanie Brandenburg started this company and she knew it was going to be unique.

Honesty and emotion are intrinsic to her process and naturally infused in the company she founded.

Frond is unique in the way it designs and in the way it operates.

Quilters, painters, and dreamers unite.

Frond Design Studios won The Gazette 2016 Business Innovation Award and The Invest In She Award 2016.

"If you had told me 5 years ago where we would be today, I wouldn't have believed you," Says Stephanie Brandenburg, "Our goal is to unlock creativity in everyone and encourage other women to start their own businesses." 

We are Running with Fabric and we couldn't be more excited to share our journey with you.

Art takes time. We are a different kind of company. We release collections when all of the stars align. This means the artist has to be inspired to create the line, the funds have to be there to produce it and the projects have to be in the back of our minds to translate it and show people what to do with these unconventional collections. 

Frond is like a breath of fresh air! People stop in their tracks when they see Frond Fabrics for the first time. It has rejuvenated so many sewists who had given up on sewing. Frond launches new sewists and ignites their passion for color and design.

We also partner with Fern Hill Gifts and Quilts in South Amana, IA.  

Swan Haven Fabric and Plants in TX


Pocket Change


We can liberate the creative spirit in each other and make it - together. 


Frond Art


Stephanie Brandenburg, Owner and Founder of Frond, is an artist who seeks inspiration in the turn of a leaf or the flow of a flower petal. She utilizes this gift by combining it with her love of history and her desire to preserve and reuse vintage elements, such as old storybooks, architectural antiques, and even pieces of old automobiles. This eclectic mix is what gives the Frond Design Studios a unique and meaningful vibe.

Art is here.

The journey of Frond has been a winding one. Stephanie's vision is to connect us all through meaningful projects, genuinely caring about one another and authenticity. Especially in the light of our recent quarantine lifestyle we need to remember to be kind and support one another. 

"I am home right now. It is so strange not to be running frantically to another tradeshow or quilt show to get our message out about Frond and why it is so different. I have so enjoyed the little things while I am home. I have had time to reflect about our past and look to our future at Frond. It is exciting.

We offer awesome Juki sewing and quilting machines and Innova quilting machines. I call it my most expensive paint brush. We will printing brand new collections soon and reprinting some favorites.

We encourage you to create and cheer you on. So stop in, take in some art and welcome home."


Our vision is to create an environment that inspires and liberates creators of tomorrow. 

We explore new boundaries in design. We load trucks. We unload trucks. We ship our bolts to stores across the country and world. We work up beautiful photo shoots, graphics and ads to convey what we do everyday. Frond is authentic, it is real. We are a team, but more importantly, we are on your team and a part of a bigger community. 

Customer testimonials

The Frond mission is to constantly strive to push the boundaries of creativity, to create beautiful fabric and treat people in a beautiful way! We encourage feedback and ideas to continually provide real value for real people, every day. Please send your ideas to: orders@fronddesignstudios.com 

"This isn't just my new favorite fabric store, its my new favorite place in Cedar Rapids..." 

"I used to be a deadhead a Grateful dead groupie, now I am a Frond groupie" (one of my favorite quotes)


"I found my home away from home"


"I don't want to shop here! I want to live here!"-2/22/20