12 Block of the Month Bird Kits

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12 Block of the Month Bird Kits

This is where you can pre-purchase all 12 blocks! Each month you'll get a new block, finishing to a quilt that's approximately 36x48. The birds are so cool and exciting! This price breaks down to a little less than 39.99 per month. If you would like to get three at a time just leaves us a note in the comments.

October is the Bluebird, November is the Robin and December will be the Cardinal of course! You will be getting Hummingbirds and other beautiful birds indigenous to the Midwest.

Now, we will be offering you border options and on the 12th month you'll be shipped your final collage kit, and your backing and binding all of that is included! Speaking of what is included... you will get everything in each kit, everything. So that means each kit will have your Pattern Ease, Steam a Seam and the embellishments.  You just start cutting and sewing!




Make sure you start with just a few of your selection fabrics on your Steam a Seam sheet because we gave you extra fabric just in case you have an error but we don't want you to waste all of your Steam a Seam at once. 


The main objective is to have fun! We won't leave you hanging! We will support this BOM with videos and tips you can follow on our YouTube Channel!