Autumn Harvest Pattern Download (FREE)

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Autumn Harvest Pattern Download (FREE)

Fall's the best. No more having to crank the AC, football, chilli cookoffs, crunchy leaves, squash soup, and yeah... I know it's a stereotype, but we can't let that dissuade us from enjoying the sweet addiction that is pumpkin spiced everything.

This pattern was created to celebrate and compliment that autumn feeling. Grab family and friends to help you cut it out for a nice memory, or go in alone and steal all the glory of your newest decoration. People will say "Wow that's really cool, where did you buy it?" and you'll say "Oh that? Yeah, I made that myself." then slam a shot of pumpkin spiced eggnog like the champion you are. 

When this piece is completed it ends up being 20"x25". Click here to start your free download!